turbo-g summary

In Dec 19th 2006, Gunadarma University performed robot competion, called turbo-g, themed “Road to Freedom”. There are 10 competitors in this event, including me, struggle with their team(s) to get 4 possibilities (1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place & best design) as a winner. As I wish, alhamdullillah, I got 2nd place. Below is the list of the winners (im sorry if I misspell or ,maybe, give the wrong name of the team’s name with their member(s), coz I just heard from.. not read from..)

  1. 1st place : Trail Tank (Yogi & Anto). The only ‘one’ team who reaches finish line. The estimate time 4:xx (im not sure, but it is around 4 minutes. And I saw it from projector). This team is really calm. I like the people in this team, both (A & Y) are full of joke. Sometime we are mocking each other during quarantine time (huh not like KDI quarantine, I mean the time where we are free to test our robot in labirin).
  2. 2nd place : WedusGembel (me & kumiz). We got 106 points. (sure..??). With 2 scenarios prepared, MarijanBot was failed to exceed finish line. The 1st scenario is to pass the red beam (pushing a red cube filled with 1kg of sugar) then traverse the hillock. We got our 1st point after MarijanBot push out the cube. After 2 times retry (1st scenario), MarijanBot still couldn’t detects the cross-roads to turn (a way to hillock) . I thought to use the 2nd scenario after failed 2 times. In our 2nd scenario, MarijanBot can pass all inhibitions. In his way to finish line, MarijanBot strayed from scanning the line. I knew it will happen, coz i did the coding for MarijanBot & i couldn’t figure out the way to pass the cross-roads to finish way. But, like rico said, this is just a game. And i’m so happy to be a participant in this event. There are many people i’d like to thanks for helping me learning something new. Thx to Jay, the man behind the hardware & mechanical part. The man who work hard for our 4 robots ..again.. Thx a lot Jayadin Achmad. Thx to Mr. Musa for giving me source code of your line tracker robot, which MarijanBot derived from. Thx to Rico.. for the suggestions.
  3. 3rd place : Gandalf (Lutfi, Anto, Diecy, Dhani, Didin & … ). Others thought this team will be the 1st winner. When testing time (a week before), I saw their robot could reach finish line succesfully with different scenarios. Weew.. this will be the hard enemy for MarijanBot. After that day, the labirin has to be repaired, refixed for the truth place. What a surprise..??! It has major changes (repainted), different light ambiences and white line added in start line. Hmm.. recalibrating (sensor(s)) and recoding for the robot needed huh.. What a surprise..??! Gandalf’s robot has a problem. Ohh my.. ohh my.. .This is a lesson for us to looking out different conditions. Gandalf reach about 56 points (CMIIW) during the competition.
  4. Best design ..again.. Gandalf. Now you get the prize same with me.

Although only four prizes prepared for the winners, other teams also get money (the remainder donation..). I want to tell you about other teams that belong to me. These team are : NoL (Nothing to Lose), WildGeek, & the last one is (sorry i forgot the name..) reno’s team (with anton). I’d like to alpologize to all my friend (other teams that belong to me) if I couldn’t help you finishing up the coding. As you can see, MarijonBot isn’t yet completely finished. We are all the winners, like onay said, and this just a game, just what rico said before. I knew what kind of embarrassment to see your robot acts roughtly (just written in less than 100 line of code). A day day before I couldn’t focused for 4 robots, so i was decide to focus for MarijanBot only. Other friend hope that one of these robot could be a winner and Alhamdullilah we got 2nd place. Among the other competitor, we’re (four teams we have built) the one who got the biggest prize. Let me calculate :

  • The 1st winner (Trail Tank) got Rp 2.000.000,00 Rp 250.000,00 (the remaider donation) = Rp 2.250.000,00
  • The 2nd winner (us) got Rp 1.500.000,00 (Rp 250.000,00 x 4) = Rp 2.500.000,00
  • The 3rd winner best design category they get the remaider donation; Rp 1.000.000,00 Rp 500.000,00 Rp 250.000,00 = Rp **1.750.000,00 **

After the event is end, we were lunch together (me, Onay, Tato, Kumiz, Reno, Anton & Bali). Jay, the one who work really hard for us, couldn’t present during the competition because of his body was dropped out. He was stay up on 2 night, so take more rest bro. OK that’s all i’ve to say.. sorry no screenshoot here..