Chat API is Fun

I’ve been playing with Slack and HipChat API lately. It’s fun! I’m seeing Slack and HipChat are two big players in chat service nowadays with client in web and native apps and, of course, HTTP API. There’s Campfire, but I felt discouraged to play with it when they ask credit card information for the sake of trying. Not because I felt insecure, but I don’t have damn credit card!

Slack and HipChat are so kind, it’s free under limited circumstances. But hey! I can play with their API. If you’ve a site powered by WordPress then give a try my Slack and HipChat plugins. It allows you to get notification in your room/channel when certain events in WordPress occured. I don’t give up with Campfire, instead I’m looking volunteer who has Campfire account where I can play with its API by giving me access to your account. The end result will be a Campfire WordPress plugin with the same features as Slack and HipChat plugins.