Hi, my name is Akeda Bagus, some friends call me gedex (which is the nickname I used when I first introduced to the net). I’m a passionate developer interested in making the web a better place. I’m a big believer in open source is making web a better place. I’m trying to be part of it by creating and contributing to open source projects.

I live with my beloved wife Dwi Widiastuti and my beautiful daughter Myeisha Zurayda Hodiver in Bekasi, West Java, Indonesia. When I’m not sitting in front of a computer, I’d rather hang out with my family and friends, or jamming with my friends who love progressive rock and blues.

How to reach me

The best way through [ admin at gedex this domain ]. Or you can find me on:

Have a dirty little secret to tell? Get my public key.

Work experiences

Since 2010 I’ve been working as a lecturer at Gunadarma University. I taught everything about computer which I doubt I’m able to. I also teached for IGOS (Indonesia Goes Open Source) Bekasi in my weekend. In 2013 I resigned from Gunadarma University and stopped being an IGOS’ teacher.

I’ve been an engineer since I was in college. My first interest was embedded system. I built simple embedded system and robot, participated in robot competition with my friends and get paid for doing college’s work on embedded problem.

Later on, I taught myself web programming. With self-taught skill on web programming I was able to work for number of clients incluuding PP, Samudera Indonesia, CNOOC, BMW Indonesia, Sudin Jakarta Timur, etc. In 2010, I was Google Summer of Code participant for Improve Configuration project. The code has been merged in 1.8 beta release. In 2011 I participated again as GSoC student for Melange Organization.

Previously worked at XWP. Now as a Code Wrangler at Automattic.